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services for adults with learning disabilities

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From Roberts Mum…

“I would like to say how I had agonised about Robert’s future and wondered what would happen if he remained living with me until I died or became incapable of looking after him.  I hoped he would develop a support network that would help him through if he lived more independently.  What he has at Earls Colne is so much more!

He is able to live like any other man of his age, with his peers in a “lads’ pad”.  He is able to access places and activities that he would not with me.  His social skills and communication have improved and now he does not rely on me to anticipate his needs.  The best thing of all was being taken out for dinner on mother’s day by my son, who I was told 16 years ago may never drink out of a cup or be out of nappies.

The support TLC have offered has extended beyond that provided directly to Robert and includes his wider family too.  I thought Robert would find it hard moving away as he had always been so clingy to me.  Whilst it wasn’t entirely without some nervous moments, to see him now I know he is in the right place, receiving the right level of care and living his life to the full.  I could not be more grateful.”

Thank you, Deborah.