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Sheila’s Story

I started working for TLC even before it was TLC! I started at Blamsters back in July 2002 – I got a bottle of Champagne in July to recognise my 10 years of service which was lovely.

I started work as a Support Worker in the Green – I wanted a full time job – everyone I knew said I was mad because of the challenging behaviour – can’t have been that bad as I’m still here! It’s about seeing the person not the behaviour – we say that all the time now and it’s so true. In time I was given the opportunity to apply to become an Assistant Team Leader and then a Team Leader, I was then made Manager – that was hard and I didn’t like it too much back then as there wasn’t the same support there is now, now we have lots of people available to help and advise and that makes such a difference.

I stepped down for a while to give myself a break and went to The Farmhouse – I learnt loads there from the manager at the time, she was a Registered Nurse and it was really helpful learning stuff from a different perspective.  After this I felt ready to try again so I took on the Managers post at Acorn Avenue, a nice small service that helped me build my confidence once more, working in a small supportive team with supportive Managers above me.  In time I returned to The Farmhouse but this time as the Manager – I haven’t looked back since. Some days are really difficult but when you work as a team, you are all in it together and the great days we have make up for the difficult ones.

I’m really impressed with the training we provide at TLC, we have staff with so many skills now, and we find training to ensure that everyone can support the people we serve properly.