TLC Care and Support held an invaluable co-production workshop on how to ‘make it real’ for the individuals they support, bringing together a group of people to collaborate on fresh ideas.

The group included TLC CEO Paul Hainsworth along with a supported individual, parents and staff, who met at Little Millfields Residential Care Home in Weeley Heath near Clacton to explore how to ensure that TLC’s residents always feel they have a place to call home.

Alan Betts, Operations Director at TLC, said: “Co-production involves projects being jointly undertaken by multiple people, which is very helpful when trying to understand what home means to different individuals receiving personalised care and support.”

Alan opened the workshop by outlining his ambition to always “get it right” for those being supported by TLC, as well as their families.

The group were then asked to discuss how they felt after positive and negative experiences, be it good news or disappointing results, listing being ‘Excited for the year ahead’ and ‘Feeling listened to’ as reasons to be happy and excited, among other emotions.

With an idea of everyone’s feelings, the teams were able to create vibrant posters showing what it means to have a place to call home, not just a bed, for the people TLC supports.

The group concluded by writing down a number of pledges to make their ideas a reality for supported individuals, including ‘A can-do approach towards change’, as well as ‘Challenge processes’ and ‘Consider the dreams and desires of the people we care for and support’.

Alan added: “The co-production workshop helped everyone understand the many different, as well as common, needs people have when calling somewhere home.

“These pledges will help ensure the people TLC supports always feel at home.”