Mission statement

TLC Care and Support will endeavour to provide individual quality care, regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, faith or disability.

To achieve this, we will work in partnership with each individual we support, their families, funding authorities and all concerned parties to enable a fulfilling and inclusive lifestyle, continually supporting their independence and helping them to maximise their potential.

Philosophy of care

Our prime function is to support people in maintaining a maximum amount of independence and control of their lives within a residential setting/supported living setting or within their own homes.

The philosophy of all services at our registered locations will be focused on a person-centred approach to support, recognising people as unique individuals. Traditional support for people in residential homes and community services tends to focus on physical tasks that need to be done: in person-centred support, the focus is on the person, acknowledging and valuing the individual as somebody with their own life experience, history, achievements, disappointments, etc, just like any other person. It is about seeing the person first and their illness or disability as something that needs planned professional support. It is our belief that this approach to delivering support services enhances their lifestyle.

This is carried out by supporting them to access quality services; have the opportunity to participate and function within the communities of their choosing; have security and respect; maximise their potential for making decisions in their lives whilst recognising the limitations in individual abilities.

They all have individual support plans which enable them to sustain a homely environment with privacy and acquire independent living skills. Importance is placed on delivering care and support which is in keeping with their individual wishes and in line with the outcomes agreed within the support plan. Services are designed to meet their individual needs, while attempting to be creative, innovative and user friendly. These services will support them within either our residential care services, supported living services, within their own homes, or within the wider community.

Access to information is just as important for each individual to make worthwhile choices. TLC will support them to access relevant information and identify opportunities in order to maximise these choices. They are continuously encouraged and supported to take full control of their lives with the support of their key worker and regular reviews of their needs take place each month to monitor outcomes and agree new goals and objectives.