Chelsea’s route to becoming a Registered Manager

I was 19 when heard about TLC from friends that worked there and applied for a support worker job. I was told in my interview that I had the job and I was over the moon. I loved the company and decided that I wanted a career in care and applied for the Assistant Team Leader job. I was given so much advice from management and lots of relevant training to help me succeed in the interview. I managed to even get the Team Leader post. I loved my job so much, I was asked to move to a different home to help support the individuals there, so I got to work across different services, meeting loads of new people.

After 2 years as a Team Leader, a job came up for a Care Coordinator which I applied for and got. During this 3 year period as a Care Coordinator I have been invited to the Essex Care awards, have had a trip to Wales to be involved in a branding workshop and have organised lots of events for the people we support.

There are two things I love most about my job: one is seeing the people we support achieve goals that they wouldn’t be able to do without us and the second is being able to be a positive mentor to new staff and guide them like I was when I first joined the company.

When we were told that we were opening a brand new service in Clacton I instantly knew I wanted to apply as a manager. I had had so much guidance and advice, it was definitely something I wanted to do. I applied and was told I had the job! TLC are a great company to work for and recognise people’s passion and desire for progression. Without TLC believing in me for 7 years I wouldn’t be in my dream job and I am so grateful for the opportunities they have given me.

Chelsea’s career path in care