Our support workers help people to live independently, supporting those who use our services in their daily lives while promoting their dignity and well-being.

They help individuals to access the local community, so they can attend college, clubs, employment and volunteering opportunities.

They also help them maintain relationships with their families, friends and health professionals.

If you would like to become a support worker, you need to be compassionate and caring and willing to become an integral and trusted part of our clients’ lives.

The job can be challenging at times and may involve some personal care, but it is also hugely rewarding.

You get the opportunity to share and celebrate successes with the individuals we support, colleagues and partners.

Qualifications & experience needed:

  • None

Training completed in role:

  • Care Certificate
  • Securicare training
  • Safeguarding
  • ICE training
  • Boots Medication Training completed during first 6 months
  • Core and option units according to role

Being a Support Worker

Michelle joined us as a Support Worker and has now been promoted to a Team Leader. A few months after she started with TLC, she shared what the Support Worker role entailed.