Our mission

As a professional worker for TLC Care and Support, you make a valuable and important contribution to the delivery of high quality healthcare, care and support.

Following the list of core values below will ensure that you are providing safe and compassionate care of a high standard, and the confidence to challenge others who are not.

TLC core values

1. I will… always take responsibility for the things I do or the things I don’t do.
2. I will… always promote and uphold the privacy, dignity, rights, health and well-being of people who need care and support.
3. I will… work co-operatively with others to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality care and support.
4. I will… communicate in an effective way to promote well-being of people in need of care and support.
5. I will… respect people’s right to confidentiality, protecting and upholding their privacy and dignity.
6. I will… improve the quality of care and support I provide by constantly reflecting on and updating my own knowledge, skills and experience.
7. I will… promote equality, diversity and inclusion by treating people fairly and without bias.